Can I change the titles of both a work and its movements?

The album in question is a Grigory Sokolov recording of Schubert (and Beethoven). The second work on disk 1 is listed using (apparently) the Allmusic working title, as show in the screen shot:

I’m being a bit pedantic, but Schubert wrote just two works titled “Impromptus” and this isn’t one of them. It should be just “3 Pieces”, or better, “Drei Klavierstucke”. So the first question is, can I change this, and if so, how?

Secondly, I’d like to remove the word “Impromptu” from the individual tracks. I’ve tried with the track editor, and nothing happens. Here’s the track editor screen shot::

I can select either one and click “save” and nothing happens. What should I have done instead? I note that I can readily change track titles on the second disk of this set, at least where the tracks are not part of a larger work.

Try hitting the Metadata preference tab in your first screen shot and select to prefer the track titles for the whole album.

See whether that works or not.

If you mean the metadata preference selection for the whole album (in the part of the screen not shown in the screen shot), that changes only the title of the album. The only way to affect tracks is, as far as I know, to select some and then invoke the track editor. Doing this does change the track titles but only if those titles are not part of a larger entity, such as movements of a symphony. At least, that’s the behavior with this album, and another I just tried. It’s as if parts of a larger work are locked and unchangeable.