Can i chown the roon metadata backup folder?

Roon Core Machine

salk streamplayer III SE

Description of Issue

i’ve been backing up roon over the network to a folder on my mac. apparently the folder is owned by roon, which means i can’t open it in the finder or do an ls to see the contents. nor am i sure that my off-line backup service (backblaze) is recognizing that folder as something it should or can back up?

if i change the ownership with chown, will that prevent roon from updating the folder on my weekly update? will that disable my ability to use the backup in the future should i need to restore the metadata to a new roon server?

I don’t believe what you have described is a reliable method to back-up Roon. But to answer your question, add your userid to the roon group, and you’ll be able to browse the files.

thanks martin - but why isn’t it a reliable method? i’m also backing up to dropbox, but having the backup folder on my mac means that i can use backblaze to upload it to their servers.

Maybe I misunderstood. Are you using Roon’s built-in backup or copying files across the network. If You’re using Roon backup why do you need to view the files?

i’m using roon’s backup procedure. i don’t need to see the contents of the backup directory, but i want to make sure that backblaze isn’t silently ignoring the directory – that’s really a backblaze question – but i’m not used to seeing locked directories on my machine. no problem though – you gave me the key: recursively add myself to the group for all children in the directory.

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You could equally have done this…

sudo dseditgroup -o edit -a stevan -t user roon
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