Can I connect Rock via Ethernet to Orbi satellite?

At present, my core is on my iMac in my office, and connected to an Orbi RB50 satellite. No problems with HDD attached holding music. Streams well to whole house.

I’m building a Rock and want to do the same, ie, connect via Ethernet to the satellite. The main router is near my stereo in another room, and I’d like to keep the Rock apart from stereo. A primare np5 will be endpoint, coax to DAC in Yamaha receiver. Now using airplay to my Yamaha receiver or Apple TV.

Should this work ok?

Why not? If you’re using Ethernet, then ROCK should be agnostic as to any connection upstream.

Once you;re off Airplay you will find a major improvement in SQ.

BTW - I read a little of your blog. I grew up in East Hartford. I hear ya about the Sox.

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Thanks @xxx. There’s always next year. Glad to hear Orbi and rock should work. That will be a biiiig help.