Can I copy my JRiver personal playlists to Roon?

I use a single PC to run both JRiver and Roon. Roon is my go-to, but I like JRiver for some of the long playlists (e.g. 1:00 AM) built over the years. Is it possible to export-import those playslist into Roon?

Hello @nealsal,

It depends what format JRiver is exporting those playlists as. If you can export it as a .M3U it should work. Please see our Documentation on importing playlists.


I did exactly this and it worked just nice. However, some playlists did not automatically apear in Roon but were only visible after I restarted Roon. This lead to me having some duplicates since I tried several times to add the playlists (when they were not displayed directly).

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