Can I delete all albums from the Nucleus?

Hello all nucleus experts.

Well it will soon be clear I am not.
I have purchased a Roon Nucleus and all went well actually. It took a night to install all albums… and then I realised that all albums were copied from my synology Nas. Fair enough until I realised that all the work I had spent on grooming the albums (finding covers where there were none, writing comments for myself etcetera etcetera) had all disappeared.
My question now is:

Can I delete the contents of the Nucleus and can the Backup(s) I have (on the Synology) be copied to the Nucleus?

I bought the nucleus from a HIFI shop and not by internet and they promised to install it. Well they did. The result was far from satisfactory as described above and now that shop is at a loss how to solve this. They have been here a few times and will give it a try next Wednesday again.

I bought the nucleus because my mini, which I use for all my pc business, has only 8 GB Memory which in this particula build cannot be upgraded.

Will you please remember I am a nitwit as far as computer knowledge is concerned. I hope you feel like replying to this shattering problem and please step by step by st… by s…

I will be very grateful in anticipation.

Have a nice day,


A drastic step you probably don’t need to take.

What kind of backups are these? A Synology app backup or a Roon Settings==>Backup backup?

If Roon library then if Synology, then that’s a no. If it’s a Roon Backup, then good to go.

If you mean your music files, then Roon doesn’t back those up, so a Synology app is the only option. In that case the answer is yes.

If you were using Roon before, then this type of data resides in your Roon library not with the music files themselves, so deleting and re-copying your music files won’t change anything.

If you are migrating a current Roon installation to your Nucleus, did you follow the steps here?

If the above two instances are the case, then did you Restore your Roon library with Settings==>Find Backuips and from a backup taken with Settings==>Backups?

Otherwise, if you are expecting data that resides in Tags that you have created outside of Roon, then how to access that is out of my ken.

Some others will chime in.

No problem. People on this forum are just waiting for problems like this. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s been my observation that many HiFi shops are next to useless when it comes to properly dealing with Roon.

I’ve moved your post to the Support category of the forum, where it will be seen and responded to by a member of Roon’s support team. In the meantime, if you haven’t already done so, you should have a read of the Nucleus Migration Guide. And perhaps your HIFI shop personnel should also read it…

Thanks Slim_Fisfguttz
You will hear from me

Thanks for your Help Geoff_Coupe

Dear Slim_Fisfguttz and Geoff_Coup,

I have been reading the suggested articles but I would like to work step by step.


How do I delete what is on the Nucleus already. All my folders and albums have been imported and a Backup has been made. But as I explained above I don’t want all that. I want to start from scratch. I am afraid that if I don’t delete these they will interfere with what I am going to import in the following steps.

It was suggested and advised to use a USB stick. I will do so. What stick do I need? I mean how many GB? I have about 9100 albums.

Three. How do I get my Back up on the usb stick.

              When opening the NAS there is folder saying: 
              Back up                    and opening it there are:


I think this must go to my USB stick.??

Four: What steps do I take to get it on the USB stick???

Five: What steps do I take to get it on the nucleus?

I hope that one of you has time to reply to these questions. I don’t know if I can expect you to do all this work but without your cooperation I am afraid I can’t cope.
Lots of good wishes and thanks,

PS what is formatting?

Right… I think we have to take this in small steps. :slightly_smiling_face:

First, let’s revisit the situation, and make sure we’re all on the same page about what it is you have, what it is you want, and what is the optimal way of achieving that.

You said:

I have purchased a Roon Nucleus and all went well actually. It took a night to install all albums… and then I realised that all albums were copied from my synology Nas.

I need to understand: does this mean you (or your HiFi shop person) have physically copied all your music files and folders across to an additional storage drive installed in the Nucleus, or do you mean that you have added the content of your existing music files on the NAS into your new Roon Library on the Nucleus.

Let’s deal with the answer to this question first before proceeding - and it’s my bedtime here, so I’ll carry on with this tomorrow.

Dear Geoff_Coupe,

Well may you rest. Thanks for your reaction.

There is no extra Disc in the nucleus.
No, my shopkeeper added the contents of all the existing folders that are on my Nas, into my new Roon library.

Bye for now,


Right, so we’ve established that your HiFi person has added the network address of your music files and folders held on your Synology NAS into the Settings > Storage page of your new Roon setup, and these have been imported into the Roon library of the Nucleus.

As you have discovered, any edits that you made in the old Roon library held on the Synology, have not been carried over, because what he/she did was make a fresh import of your music into the new Roon library.

What he/she should have done is to follow the Nucleus Migration Guide, and first restored a Backup (made of your Synology’s Roon) instead of doing the import of your music. That way a copy of the Roon database held on the Synology would be made on the Nucleus, and this would hold all the edits you had made on the old Roon.

Then, instead of importing the music files into the new Roon, all that needed to be done would be to edit the location of the Watched Folder in the Settings > Storage page of the new Roon. Restoring the database from the Synology onto the Nucleus would have this storage location showing as a folder held internally on the Synology. Now that you are using the Nucleus, you need to edit this to set it as a network location.

I think we can remedy this fairly easily, but you or your HiFi person will need to understand the following steps. If you’re unsure about anything, just ask.

  1. You need to have made a Roon Backup on the old Roon running on your Synology. From your first message, I believe that you have such a Backup.

  2. You need to know the username and password required to access network folders held on the Synology NAS.
    I assume that since your HiFi person has set up a Watched Folder in the Settings > Storage page of the Roon running on the Nucleus, these credentials are known and valid.
    That Watched Folder in the new Roon will probably have a network address of the form:

  • \\NASDRIVENAME\Music (for example)
  • smb://NASDRIVENAME/Music (for example)
  1. You need to ensure that the folder called “Back up” (that you mentioned in a previous message) can also be accessed over the network. In a later step, you will be using the Nucleus to access the Roon Backup held in the RoonBackups folder in the Back up folder.

  2. Right, if all the previous steps have been done, you can now delete the current Watched Folder on the Nucleus. On the Roon running on the Nucleus, go to Settings > Storage, click the “3 dots” menu next to the Watched Folder name, and choose “Remove”. Now you have no albums in your Nucleus’ Roon library.

  3. Now go to the Settings > General page of the Roon on your Nucleus. You’ll see a page similar to this (I’m running on a NUC using ROCK, but you should see that your Core is running on the Nucleus).

  1. Click the “log out” link. Now you should see the Login or Signup page as shown in the Nucleus Migration Guide article.

  2. This time, click on the Restore a Backup link, as the Guide says. You’ll get a screen that says “Choose folder that contains your Backup”. Click on the “Add Network Share” link and add the address and credentials to access the “Back up” folder held on your Synology. Click the “RoonBackups” folder, and then “Select This Folder” and you should see a list of the Backups that you have made. As an example, here’s what I see on my system in these steps:

  1. Click on “Restore” of your most recent backup.

  2. Once the Restore is complete, go back to the Settings > Storage page of your Nucleus’ Roon. You should see a Watched Folder entry for the music held on your Synology, but because the Backup was made on the Synology, the address of the folder will be a local address, instead of a network address. So we need to edit the address to make it into a network address that points to your music files held on the Synology.

  3. Click the “3 dots” menu, and choose “Edit”. Enter in the network address and credentials to the Music folder held on your Synology.

If all has gone well, you should now have your music library transferred to the Nucleus, with all the edits that you have made preserved in the new library.


Thanks a lot. I will give all this information to the shop assistant when he comes on Wednesday.

I understand I don’t need a USB stick?

I will let you know as soon as the young man has been at work following your instructions.

Enjoy your day


Providing you can access the Backup folder on the Synology from the Nucleus, then you don’t need to plug a USB stick into the Synology, copy the RoonBackups folder to it, and then plug the USB stick into the Nucleus to read the RoonBackups folder… Think of that as Plan B, if Plan A (access over the network) doesn’t pan out for some reason.

BTW, it might be an idea to have your HiFi person read the instructions before he arrives at your house to try them out. That way, any questions he might have can be dealt with ahead of time, or even better, he might be able to try them out on systems he could have in the HiFi shop…

I will do so. Good idea!
Again a lot of thanks

What a great write-up of instructions.

Hello @Gommie, glad you got some help here! Please let us know if you have any further questions, we’d be happy to help!

Thank you Nuwriy I feel a little embarassed (and grateful of course) knowing that so many friends are standby to offer their assistance. We don’t know each other and never will and yet help is offered in abundance.

Have a nice evening knowing that you have made me very happy indeed.


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Dear Help Troopers,
A few weeks later than I thought, my shopkeeper paid his long awaited visit. Successful. And thanks to your support and encouragement. So the Nucleus is working and all the desired albums are present in their former glory.
But…I have backups on the synology nas but I would like to have one on my Macmini as well and perhaps on the nucleus. (You may remember I have no extra HD on Nucleus)
My shopkeeper did his utmost, but couldn’t provide me with a macmini backup. He managed one on Nucleus though

but I’m afraid I spoilt that by my search for a Macmini Backup as You can see on this screen shot! Whatever I tried this is what I got as a reply
Do I have to select a new folder or click on network share or something altogether different.
I hope I may appeal on your willingness and expertise to give me a step by step Guide to this hurdle. By the way I studied the guide but that did help so much.
Don’t get annoyed…


Here’s how I do it -



Put in the id/pw that is on your Mac. Probably don’t need the workgroup.

Your ‘shopkeeper’ seems to be worthless as far as Roon is concerned.

OTOH, I think you are maybe misunderstanding what a Roon backup does.

Roon Backup backs up the Roon library. That is what contains your playlists, tags, music locations, etc.
Roon Backup does not backup your music files.

To Otto and Slim_Fishguttz,

Well, I am aware that backups are not the real files but some codes to find the real files.
As roon suggest more backups might be useful. I try to be obedient and create backups in different locations.
It should be simple but…Stupid me.
As Slim_Fishguttz suggests I am not looking for any sharing
(by the way what is id/pw?)

One way or the other it should be easy to create a new backup but I haven’t discovered (yet) how to do that.
So could you please give away this secret by telling me where to begin and then step by step (easy does it) roll out the carpet.


On your Mac set up Sharing as I have.

In Roon specify the computer name and the folder you set the Share on, as I have showed you.

Id/pw means user id and password.

Just follow the pattern for Sharing and Roon set up, as I showed you up above…