Can I delete all albums from the Nucleus?

Hi @Gommie,

Adding a networked location for a backup is just the same as adding a network location for a watched folder under Settings > Storage. We have a guide to help you do this here in our KB. Give those instructions a try and let us know if you have any questions!

hallo dylan,

I am sorry I haven’t replied any earlier. I’m a bit confused at the moment because I’ m not able to sign up for a reply on firefox. I’m now struggling on my I-pad but I have no idea how to make a screenshot here, so it’s difficult to clarify things. Anyway i have no idea how to act, as I have no i-tunes, and I have to click on i-tunes. So the first move is impossible. What to do now.


Some people are having trouble using FireFox.

Although it didn’t help me, did you try this -

As to your original problem, if you would just follow the advice I gave you, your problem would be solved.

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