Can I delete certain big files from my OSX library?

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Max OSX Mojave (10.14) – Roon 1.7 (Build 505)

Description Of Issue

My primary hard drive is getting full and one of the biggest items on it is the Roon folder in my user Library.

There is a huge folder called “Old Roon”, and a huge hidden file “.restore_old”

Can I remove either of these from the Roon Library folder without ill effects?


Do you recall creating these folder or renaming them during any support requests?

If you did so then you are probably safe to remove these 2 folders.

as always do make sure you have a backup done to maybe an external device.

No I don’t recall creating or renaming them myself. Nor have I ever used Roon support before.

lets wait for support to chime in then…1.6 version was released around that time (late Jan) so this might be some leftover migration that perhaps didn’t get removed.

tagging @support for you here…those databases look rather large…how big (number of tracks) is your library?

Hi @Eric_Brandon,

Thanks for reaching out here. I don’t recall ever seeing an “Old Roon” or “.restore_old” folder in the database location before. Can you please open these two folders and post screenshots of the contents?

My library is huge – I’ve been buying CDs steadily for 39 years and ripped them all in the last 2 years. Then Qobuz went and made the whole thing kind of pointless LOL.

Anyway … here is a screenshot of “Old Roon” folder with the large “Core” subfolder expanded:

And here is a screenshot of the “.restore_old” hidden folder with the large “Database/Core” subfolder expanded:


how big(many tracks) is huge and what are the specs on your Mac…just wondering as a datapoint.

Hi @Eric_Brandon,

I checked in with the technical team and they have confirmed that the “Old Roon” and “.restore_old” folders are not used by Roon. I would temporarily move these folders outside of the database location, verify Roon works as expected maybe for a day or two, create a Backup of the current database and then you can go ahead and remove “Old Roon” and ".restore_old.

Thank you! I’ll do as you suggest.
I appreciate your help, freeing up over 50GB on my SSD will be very helpful.

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