Can I exclude a certain file format from a watched folder?


As I currently use iTunes (just trialling Roon at the moment) and I have folders with ALAC and FLAC files in them, I play the FLAC via my Oppo.

Am I able to get Roon to watch a folder but exclude the ALAC files so I do not have both the ALAC and FLAC files show up ?


You can’t stop Roon detecting files it supports, but you can Focus on particular file types using Focus/Format and save the search as a bookmark.

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I think I will just store the FLAC and ALAC in different locations

Does Roon not natively handle ALAC?

Yes I am sure it does, I just don’t want duplication of FLAC and ALAC

This is how Roon usually handles different versions of the same album or track. Are you seeing something different ?

No thats what I am seeing, but I have thousands of albums in both FLAC and ALAC, I only want FLAC in my Roon library

If Roon natively handles ALAC why bother creating a FLAC duplicate of your library…just point Roon to the ALAC files and don’t let it organise your library.

You can make a separate FLAC folder in your current Music folder. Move all your FLAC files into that folder. Disable the Music folder as watched and just watch the FLAC folder.

I have ALAC so I can use iTunes

I get that, but seeing as Roon handles ALAC as well there’s no need for you to make/keep FLAC copies of the same albums.

Because if I ever want to listen via my Oppo it doesn’t show album art when playing ALAC

@Jaap74 - I understand what you want.

I’m currently exploring the playback of hirez files from Roon, Pure Music, JRiver Media Center 21, and the GeekPerfect iTunes plugin.

In the case of Pure Music, it will create a bookmark file so that the FLAC files are listed in the iTunes Music library. iTunes can’t play these files natively - they are just text files that point to the original FLAC. Pure Music knows what to do with them.

Roon considers them to be supported music files and cannot play them. In JRiver, i can create playlists that ignore any file path that includes “pmbmf”.

I need to be able to this in Roon as well. I also want to not bother with any MP3 I mistakenly acquired long ago before I knew better :slight_smile: Eventually, I’ll listen to those again and replace them with a hirez file, as necessary

I really need a negate feature in Focus and I also need be able to specify exactly that which I am wanting to exclude because in the case of Pure Music Bookmark Files, the end with the extension of flac.m4a, but that is not what they actually are

I think I need to clarify my issue. I can definitely save a bookmark for all 96kHz files that are FLAC only, and this resolves my problem to one degree, but when I look at the list of Recently Added music on my Home page in Roon, I am seeing double albums for each album directory that contains both the original FLAC files and the Pure Music Book Mark files

Every Focus can be inverted by clicking + to -

@andybob - Thank you! I did not know that.

Now, if I could only exclude a filename that contains a string matching “pmbmf” :slight_smile:

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