Can I export to an Excel list only albums that have been added to my Roon Library from Tidal

Apologies for asking a question that probably has a very obvious answer.

I occasionally export a list of albums in my Roon Library to Excel in order that I have details of my library in the event that Tidal (or Roon) were to become unavailable to me in the future.

However, It appears that the standard export list does not include a column for source, and so there is no easy way to distinguish between source items located on my NAS and source items added to my library from Tidal.

Is there a way for me to access ‘source’ in a single export function, or is there an easy way for me to print separate lists of items located on my NAS and imported from Tidal?

Hi - go to the ‘albums’ view, then select focus->format->Tidal and this will show all your Tidal albums. You can then select all and export.


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Thanks very much Michael - exactly what I was looking for!

I had almost got there. I went into the focus-format option but didn’t spot the tick-box for Tidal at the bottom of the options. I assumed the ‘Format’ option was just for distinguishing between WAV, FLAC, DSD and the other physical file formats.

Thanks again.

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