Can I find albums with two tags

Can I focus on albums with two tags (tag1 AND tag2). The tag browser seems to show tag1 OR tag2.


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This has been requested many times, but there is still no easy method. @James_I found a way, which I have précised here.

If you have a large library, this will be very slow.

Go to the Albums view, select the Tags icon, and click away, each Tag you select will show in the final listing.

Thanks Brian! I have tried that workaround and it works. But as you and others in that thread has mentioned, it very slow.

geoB, unfortunately, when you do this, you only get an “OR” operation and not an “AND” which is what I want. thanks for giving suggestions still.

Is there like a ROON roadmap or feature request for future releases that you guys are aware of? In this community?

Yes it does not work to a practical level. It only works if you don’t mind making breakfast in between queries.

That’s an interesting observation. I routinely use two tags to focus my albums. It works instantly for me. For the OP, don’t use the Tag Browser. Just go to Albums, select the Tag icon at the upper left corner and select as many tags as you need. A second click on a tag reverses the tag focus. Works every time for me, instantly.

There’s a very long thread asking for this feature.