Can I 'Focus on Tags' and see content that doesn't have any user tags? Or can apply a default tag for new additions?

I am in the process of tagging my music into two buckets.
That way I can easily just select ‘Focus on Tags’ to see the 2 lists.
Problem is, when I add new stuff, it gets lost amongst all the other artists/albums and I can easily miss tagging it.

So, I was wondering, is there a way to:

  1. ‘Focus on Tags’ for content that doesn’t have any user Tags?
  2. Apply a user tag to everything that is imported (e.g. Unclassified)

(A ‘not’ in the focus on tags would be very handy)


I don’t believe there’s a way to apply a default tag, however, you can focus on any tags you have then click again on the tags to reverse the focus (turns red and displays a minus sign). This shows you all the albums not tagged. This accomplishes No. 1 on your list.

Thanks David, thanks is exactly what I was after! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

What are you tagging? If you could make it a focus and then bookmark it, bookmarks are dynamic and any new album meeting the focus criteria will automatically be on the bookmark. Depends on what you are trying to achieve.