Can I ignore unmatched genres?


I like the multiple categories and hierarchy of the Roon sourced genres. However I have some genres from my collection that aren’t matched and I’m not sure what to do about it.

So for example I have albums tagged as ‘Blues Rock’, some as ‘Celtic Rock’ etc etc, and that’s all good. However for a whole bunch that I’d tagged as ‘Rock’ these can’t can’t mapped to anything more specific (see below). I guess it’s just too general a term (it was the best I could come up with though when ripping the CDs). Any suggestions what to do ? Is there anyway to tell Roon to just ignore the file tag of ‘Rock’ and apply what genres it can find for the individual albums ?

Are you using Roon genres as well as your own?

You could map it to the Parent Genre Pop/Rock, since most of the music you tagged as Rock would likely belong to a Subgenre of Pop/Rock.

Cheers, Greg

Sure am using Roon Genres. I find setting them myself really hard so am happy to have them done for me. Your tip works perfectly! Cheers