Can I import independent reviews or liner notes to Roon? And if not why not?

I downloaded a new flac album Broken Shadows Live from to my PC. From my PC I imported it to my Meridian MC200. In the “review” section of the import data I pasted the review/liner notes from the Bandcamp webpage. ThIs “review” section is where All Music reviews reside if they exist.
This album is a new independent release and not in the large music databases.

The music with album appeared in Roon just fine but without the review/liner notes. I just assumed they would show up where the reviews usually are. I was able to edit the album in Roon and point it to the correct artists but I could not point it to or link the review/liner notes. Does Roon only import notes from the databases and ignore notes from the end user? Is there a work around?

When you say the review section of the import data, is this some field in the metadata? What is the tag name? I realize this doesn’t help, just curious for my own benefit. I can’t find anything in the Roon settings of such a field.

For what it’s worth, you can always add a pdf file to the album folder, which will then show up in Roon

The review section of the import data is in the Meridian software and is being transferred to the MC200. It is usually populated with an All Music review. In the past I assumed that Roon was pulling the review from the source (MC200). Now I think it pulls it from the database and not the source.

Roon has its own metadata sources for this stuff, you can’t edit or add your own.

Roon sources it’s review metadata from Allmusic/Tivo. I searched Allmusic but couldn’t find Broken Shadows Live. If there’s no review in Allmusic, there’ll be no review in Roon. It seems Sooloos gets its data from Allmusic so I’m not sure where that review data came from.

Longstanding feature request by many users to be able to add album reviews and artist bios where Roon has none. Not difficult to do without having to provide an editor. Problem is Roon seemingly don’t care to do it, they have your dime regardless. Frankly, they’re so apathetic in this area I’m surprised we are able to add album art and an artist image where there are none, let alone where Roon already has content.

I’d like to be able to do this, if Roon makes this option available.

If you drop any PDF or JPEG into the album folder or a sub folder Roon will import it

I use MS Word cut, paste edit then use the “print to PDF” feature to create a PDF

I had a local band that I uploaded a pic. But it wouldn’t let me upload a description. I thought I would try uploading the pdf as an image as a substitite. I guess a jpg of the description would work :wink:

You may need to force a rescan of the album, in album View> 3 Dot Menu> Edit> Rescan