Can I improve my setup? (probably)

Hello all, I listen with great pleasure to my 1,600-odd album music library with Roon, a set of KEF wireless LS 50 and a 5 year old MS Surface Pro-4 i7, with the music actually on its 200Gb SDX card (!)

And the sound quality is great: bouncy, clear, plenty of stage depth. But I’m wondering if it could be (exponentially?) improved with additional hardware for no more than a few hundred $'s?

I can tinker with stuff, but I’m in my mid 60’s already and have mild case of tinnitus, imperfect hearing, etc. etc. so be gentle please

Thanks for your suggestions,

That’s a great setup! Personally, I’d hold on to my money, as it sounds like it’s working for you, and you don’t mention any specific shortcomings.

Maybe add a subwoofer if you want more bass.