Can I incorporate Pure Music into my DSD DAC endpoint?

Hi all; so prior to buying into the Roon experience I listened to my music files using iTunes BUT used Pure Music as the music player which essentially embeds itself to iTunes as the default music player on my Mac Mini, connected to my Bryston preamp.

After a few months with Roon I went back to compare and find that I prefer THAT playback compared to The Roon DSP which produces more gain but at the expense of soundstage.

My 2nd endpoint is my Lyngdorf MP-60 and in this case I’m good. I simply want to introduce Pure Music into the chain when listening to the Bryston.

Can this be accomplished?

I’m open to other playback solutions like J River I suppose if Pure Music is not an option. I’m just a greedy guy and when I do my serious listening I want the best of both worlds. Love my Roon experience but seek the fidelity of Pure Music with the immersive experience of Roon rather than iTunes. Thanks for the help guys!

Not that I know.

Thanks. Perhaps one of the Roon tech support gurus like @noris can weigh in with a solution. :pray:t2:

If pure music is not listed an audio device then roon can’t output to it. Even if it was not sure it could give you what you want. Jriver ASIO shows up as an audio selection on my windows pc core but as all my endpoints are RAAT supported that’s where I place my priorities for seamless roon playback

Have you tried HQPlayer?

Thanks. Sounds like it’s not in the cards for me. The nice part of the problem is that either option is available not me. And going back and forth kind of a trip. Thx.

I haven’t yet, no. I understand it can be very complex with a long learning curve. True or false ?

No I haven’t yet looked into it. Never thought I had the need but thank you for pointing it out as have a few others. I guess I’ll have to check it out. :pray:

Hi @Robert_Furstenberg,

Pure music is not supported at this time, but you can certainly open up a feature request regarding this and see what feedback from the community is like.

You might also be interested in looking over this thread where Pure Music and Roon is compared:

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