Can I input my own music stream


I have a roon server, distributing music nicely around the house using tidal and qobuz. This all works fine.

I have a party coming up shortly, and I would like to create a music stream from the room where people will be dancing, and use roon to distribute this stream around to other rooms as background music.

The music stream will come at signal level from a mixing desk.

Has anyone got any ideas on how this might be done?

Many Thanks

I’ve moved this to tinkering as the sort of people to answer hang out there :grinning:
I think there’s a way of emulating a radio stream but I’m not sure.

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wouldn’t it just be easier to make yourself a playlist?

I’m not sure what this means, but isn’t this what Roon does? That is, if the various rooms can be grouped into a zone. Someone just needs to choose the albums, playlist, or songs to play. What am I missing?

Mixing desk as in the sort of thing djs have for two turntables so analogue output.

You can do this if you can get the output of the desk in to an ADC then output this signal as an internet radio station using Icecast or Rocket broadcaster. Then tune Roon into the URL it creates. Quite a few of use have done this to get our Vinyl into Roon. You can manage it with a simple raspberry pi and and the HifiBerry DAC+ ADC board.

Thanks guys. I could create a playlist of course, but I want people to hear the same music playing from where people are dancing.

I guess the basis of the question is, how do I take an analogue music signal and turn that into an input to roon? I have been wondering if it could be done by creating an internal URL and transmitting the music through this. Roon can then read the music from the url like internet radio. Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance

Yes this is how I have done it. Just get an ADC and Icecast.


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About 5 seconds.

Right, so the rest of the house would not be in sync with the DJ’d room, UNLESS the DJ’d stream is also input for the dance room and played from there, albeit that would terribly screw up the DJ trying to do anything with fade-ins etc.

Thanks for the info.

I will have a go at putting Icecast onto a windows machine, taking an analogue feed from the mixing desk into the windows laptop and retransmitting the stream on a url.

Noted, there will be a lag, but this will not be too much of a problem.

I’ll let you know how I get on,

I’ve used ‘stream what you hear’ before to create a stream on a windows laptop so this may also be an option.

I have used the Barix solution to act as ADC and ice server in one. Works well.

I have not tried Roon tuning to this radio station and then playing to the endpoints though. Should be possible.

It depends on the software and hardware, you can tweak it a little to compensate as well. I found it was between 8-10 sec using a raspberry pi to do it all with HifiBerry HAT.