Can I install REW on a NUC running Roon Rock?

If so how. If not can I use another computer to generate the impulse response files? How do import those files into Roon?


Not as far as I know. Roon Rock is the entire operating system for the NUC. If you were running windows on the NUC and using the NUC as a server by running Roon on it you could run REW.

In order to properly utilise REW you need a measurement mic, probably a USB version would make life easier. I found it easier to run from a laptop. Once you generate the files for room compensation you can transfer them to the NUC and browse for them in Roon in the DSP section for that endpoint, under convolution filters.

The whole process is quite time consuming and complex. The results can be good, especially if you have problems with standing bass waves. Otherwise it’s just another thing to fiddle with instead of relaxing and enjoying music so there’s that to consider :slight_smile: