Can I load an endpoint on Pi4 2GB that already has Homebridge installed on it?

Or do I need a new/dedicated RasPi? If I can use existing, what would be the best path to loading just the necessary software? Thank you.

What is Homebridge?

If you have ssh access to your Pi, I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to install Roon Bridge. If your Homebridge is installed over Raspbian that should be definitely possible. If it uses the Homebridge image (which I don’t have experience with), you must find out how to get ssh access.




chmod +x ./

and then

sudo install ./

This should do the trick…


Thank you… will give it a shot.

It should be possible - although for stability / ease of upgrade etc it might be best to buy another Pi and run something like Ropieee.

Makes configuring hats etc much easier.