Can I make all the devices in a group have the same volume?

I have 3 Devialet speakers in the same group. I just bought a Devialet remote which unfortunately only controls one device at a time. So I can only control the volume for that one.

Is there a way to make it so that when a device is in a group, they follow a “master” volume? I currently have 3 different volumes, + a global one, which I can’t control with the remote.


The global one changes the volume for all members of the group. Not sure if it is possible to change that outside of Roon itself.

So my issue with the global one is that it’s not easy to drag. You can only tap tap tap volume up/down.

I’m able to control the volume of one of the devices in the group with my Devialet remote. Would be nice to get the other devices to “follow” the volume from that one device.

A “Link Volume” button with a Master Volume slider would be very handy. Espcially if it would link the volume at the current settings instead of matching the numbers.