Can I mark a track as not to be played


I love my music but not all pieces of music equally. Some great albums have annoing pieces on them that lessen my listening experience. I could just delete them but then I wouldn’t have them anymore for cases where I really want to listen to a whole album (rarely). So I wonder if there is a way to mark a track as not to be played? It would be there in the library but skipped over in normal playback. And if I want to play it anyway, I remove the “not to be played” flag. Is ther such a feature?

I searched using the word “skip” and found lots of discussion on how to avoid skipping in Roon but I want Roon to skip certain pieces. Can I do that?


The term would be “Banned”. If you click the Heart icon twice it turns into a Ban icon.


I learn some new feature about Roon that I wasnt aware of quite often, even after a year of using it :slight_smile:
I didnt know that, thanks @Rugby

You aren’t alone there! I’ve been using it for five and find that all the time.

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Success in Life these days seems to be linked to knowing the right search term :wink:
Thank you very much :slight_smile: