Can I merge 2 "Users" together?

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Description Of Issue
Somehow, I unintentionally created two users: 1. Rob, 2. Robert. Problem is I have created playlists under both names, unintentionally. It was frustrating because I didn’t know why I could not find a playlist that I created previously.

Can I set Roon up so that any playlist is available to any user?

Hi @Robert_Imhoff,

What kind of playlists are you trying to merge? Do they only contain local content?

Yes, All files from Roon Core. All are of rips from CDs I own. None were imported from other sources.

Hi @Robert_Imhoff,

Thanks for the additional info. I suggest you try to:

  1. Right click the playlist that is only visible on one of the accounts
  2. Press the 3-dot drop-down menu to the right of “Play” on the top tab
  3. Press “Edit…”
  4. Set the Owner to the other account or set the owner to “Shared (Visible to all profiles)”

Thank You Sir, That worked. Rob

Happy to help @Robert_Imhoff, take care!

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