Can I move license from machine to machine?

Hello. My main server is a PC and I have my library, playlists, etc. on it and don’t want to lose anything. I am trying out a few new roon based PCs and servers and I need to have a license. Can I simple provide my license credentials on the new demo machine and then when done, log back into my “old” server and the license will move back and I won’t lose any of my stuff? I am not interested in moving my existing databases to the demo machines. Thanks.

You can enter your credentials in the demo machine and move your license by doing so.
The next time you launch Roon on your regular machine it will ask you again for the credentials again and you can move the license back to this machine. You can move your license as often as you like, but only the activated machine (with license) can be used.

This is a perfect implementation by Roon and I use it all the time as I have three systems in three countries. All I have to do is access Roon when I arrive and it asks me if I want to deactivate where I was last and then activates my current location. This makes the licence fee three times as valuable as I only need one licence. Being able to do it from the new location solves all the times when I would forget to deactivate before heading to the airport.

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