Can I play/stream music from the Roon core ON my iDevices?

It must be an obvious question, but I am gonna ask it anyway:

I am still looking for various solutions in order to be able to easily stream/play music from MY Mac/streaming services to my iDevices. I have tried Audirvana and more recently Volumio, to no avail.

Then I heard that Roon may be the only one able to do that. Is it true?

AGAIN: I have my core elsewhere, and I just want to listen to local library/TIDAL on my iPhone THROUGH a Roon app. I am NOT interested in using iDevices as remote controls to something that is already in front of me most of the day (i.e. my computer). Is this possible?

Yes, you can. You can play on an iPhone, iPad, and even HomePod and HomePod mini. You would want to simply enable those devices in Settings>>>Audio.

Once you enable the device, you can simply choose it as a zone in the Roon app and play music to it.

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I use my old iPad , I just bought a new one for control, as an End Point in the kitchen to feed a Bluetooth speaker , also with headphones on the patio, often vie an AudioQuest Dragonfly Red

So yes , but only where you have WiFi access to the local network that your core is on.

External to that network is on the “coming soon” list ie Roon Mobile but no timescale

PS there should be no reason why Audirvana shouldn’t work, if you have a DLNA Server mConnect will work as well, there’s loads, VLC etc

Audirvana remote is only for controlling from your iDevice; NOT for playing/streaming to it. So unless I am missing something, that’s completely useless to my intended purpose.

Likewise for Volumio, at least as far as I could see.

Sorry to mislead you, I can never maintain a decent connection using the remote so I rarely use Audirvana

As others has said yes.

Tks for your replies - so as I can see, Roon is the ONLY solution that checks my needs (other than HRA Streaming support, alas). Amazing how nothing else, regardless of price, does the same thing. Now I understand why lifetime costs USD 700.

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