Can I play to Pioneer UDP-LX500

Roon Core Machine

Win 11 on HP Elitebook 850 G7
Soon to be NUC11 (with a bit of luck)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Fibre to Asus RT-86AXU
External HDD attached to router

Connected Audio Devices

Denon V4500H, Pioneer UDP-LX500

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Pioneer UDP-LX500 is 4k Blu Ray player with access to DLNA music on External HDD attached to Asus router.
Roon doesn’t see the Pioneer, though Win 11 networking does, including IP and MAC address.
Is there a way to use Roon to play through the Pioneer UDP-LX500?

Roon does not support DNLA and never will it uses its own streaming protocol known as RAAT which devices that include it are called Roon Ready and others such as AirPlay Chromecast and some device specific protocols. I suggest you read up on what a Roon is and supports it’s all on their website.

There are some ways around getting DNLA/UPnP devices to work but they require you to use community plug-ins that need to be run separately, search the forum and you will find threads on them. These however don’t work for all devices well and are not supported by Roon themselves only the developers of the plug-ins some of which the devs charge for some are free.

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