Can I point my iPad ROON app to a MacBook Pro acting as a remote?

Hi folks,
My core is set up on an iMac with a MacBook Pro acting as a remote to which my DAC is connected. Is it possible to point my iPad towards the remote MBP and control its playback? So far I only seem to be able to point the iPad ROON app to the iMac.
Any help appreciated

No, but you will be able to in 1.2 (currently in test).

More correctly, the default for any zone connected to your MBP will be that it becomes a global zone (vs. private currently). Your iPad will still connect to the Roon server on your iMac, but it will be able to control the global zone on the MBP.

Brilliant news Joel - thanks.
Any idea as to when the next release will be made available?
All the best,

I think i read in a post somewhere here that it was currently or will be in testing soon. I’d guess we won’t have to wait too much longer for it.