Can I print a list of Artists I have on Roon?

Trying to find out if it’s possible to print out a list of the Artists/Albums I have on Roon?

Check out this Knowledge Base article.

Go to your Artists or Albums view, select all (Ctrl-A / CMD-A) and choose export from the ‘tree dots’ menu top left.

Now choose ‘Export to Excel’ and you’ll find a nice little spreadsheet of your Artists / Albums (and lots of other information) on your desktop.

Awesome!! Thanks so much! Roon continues blow me away!:relaxed:

I tried exporting to excel. One problem is the duration just shows as a 4 digit number generally. I am assuming this is the duration in seconds. It would be nicer to display as hh:mm:ss

And there are probably loads of other options in excel too.


You can divide by 86400 and then format the field as hh:mm:ss using the custom format option in format cells. However it is a pain as you need to store the resuly in another field. Would be easier to do it in the export to my way of thinking.