Can I Purchase Songs from Qobuz in Roon?

Hello. I know I can add albums to my library, but it is there a way to purchase albums from Qobuz and have them show in my Roon library?


Jake I am a Tidal user and buy music in Qobuz all the time, but you cannot buy them in Roon.
But currently I download the albums to my local Roon library and play them from there.

If you buy them on Qobuz they will still be in your library so I am not sure if you gain anything without downloading them locally.

Any purchased and self-ripped music can be played with Roon if no in-house format is used.

Qobuz offers the open format FLAC, any player can do that and Roon of course too. Only the folder must be inserted once as a storage location, then everything goes automatically with Roon in the future.

When Qobuz was freshly added to Roon the purchased files from Qobuz showed up in Roon, but there was a problem with the database and sync at the time. So, Roon decided to remove it in ‘My Qobuz’ section. However, when you add the purchased album to your Library (streaming version, not downloaded to your local folders) it plays at the resolution of your purchase. E.g. you have only Qobuz lossless, but not hires subscribed, and purchased a hires version, you can stream it in hires. Of course, you can add your purchases to the local folders that are added to Roon and then play them in Roon

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