Can I quickly set the artist on a album bunch of tracks?

Roon has many, many of my tracks as unknown artist.
I’ve one through some and identified the album, moved the tracks around to match what is on the album, and updated the database.
But it’s tedious and takes a long time.
What I’d like is a fast way to at least identify the album artist, so when I search and sort things show up in the right places.
I don’t see a way though to for example select a bunch of tracks and set the album artist on them. Is there a way?


You are probably better off doing that using a software like MP3Tag outside of Roon, and then telling Roon to use the file’s meta-data.

Or else:

Trying mp3 tag but that edit option is what I was looking for. Didn’t click into credits before but that looks good. Thanks!

btw mp3tag is terrific! Thanks for point it out to me…

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