Can I reboot Roon server from a Roon Remote?

I suspect this might well be a case of me being an idiot and missing something obvious but for the life of me I haven’t been able to find an option on my Roon Remote clients on either my iPhone or my iPad that forces a restart of my Roon Core. Is it possible? If so then where do I find that option?

The reason for my request is that like a few people I think I have recently been having some Qobuz issues where I get multiple track skips (every track in an album) when trying to playback albums I have added from Qobuz with messages saying the tracks are not available. I have always been able to fix this by restarting my Roon Core which involves going to the room where the PC running my Roon Core is, quitting the server process and then restarting it from the Windows 11 Start menu. Since every time I discover that I have a Qobuz connectivity issue I by definition have an iPad in my hands with Roon Remote active and displaying the “content not available” messages it would be way more convenient if I could go into Roon Remote settings then and there and select some “Restart Roon Core” action rather than having to go to my PC and do the stop & relaunch thing.

If this capability isn’t available then I’ll retag this post as a feature request unless anyone can convince me that it is a bad idea for some reason or that it is technically impossible (which seems unlikely since triggering a software update of Roon Core from the remote does instigate a restart without my needing to go to my PC).

The feature suggestions already exist: Search results for '#roon:feature-suggestions reboot' - Roon Labs Community

It’s probably better to add your vote to an existing one rather than creating a new one from scratch.

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The facility does exist on rock via a web browser, although my experience is that my occasional connectivity issues went away when I switched to rock anyway.

Would it be possible for you to use the remote desktop feature of Windows? This would allow you to access your pc from your iPad.

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Thanks all. At least I’ve not missed something obvious.

@BlackJack - Thanks for the link. As suggested I have added my vote to that request.

I use vnc to access my server/core, it can be fiddly to setup but once running it’s flawless (& free).

You can do this if you use ROCK.

Head to settings, then setup.

Hit the button marked ‘Find OS’

Hit the ip address and then you get into a setup menu for ROCK in your browser.

Not sure if this works if your core is on Windows on Mac.

The OP is using a PC….

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