Can I reinstall Roon Remote on Android but Save Settings?

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I have a very simple question: Is it possible to uninstall and reinstall Roon Remote on Android while retaining current settings (e.g., Play Actions)? My tablet just updated itself to Android 11, and I’d like to start with a fresh install.

You could backup the user data of the app, and store that somewhere safe while you are resetting your tablet.

There are several third party apps out there. I selected this one from this list that could work for you, but I have no direct experience with the app.

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Thanks, @Niels_Anders . I was hoping Roon Remote had a settings backup that I have overlooked, but it seems not.

Clearing the image cache may have resolved the minor flakiness I experienced after the Android upgrade. If so – which I hope, of course – the question will be moot.

Hey @Mike-48,

Were you able to save a backup of your Roon data?

In the case of reinstalling the Roon application on a remote, your settings should still be there when you start up the fresh install. If you were re-installing the application on your Core is when it is important to save a backup of your Roon data so that everything as it was before the re-install.

I hope that helps!

Hi Ashley,

Fortunately, clearing the image cache seems to have solved this particular issue. And yes, I have backups regularly scheduled.

What I edit on each Remote installation are the Play Actions. It would be nice if they could be exported as text or xml, then imported into new instances of Roon Remote. That would help one set up a uniform interface across devices.

P.S. I am going to put that in as a feature request.

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thanks for the update, it’s great to hear that you found a solution!

I understand where you are coming from, it’s a great idea to bring that up in our feature request forum section. Our Product Team constantly reviews that forum for feedback - we look forward to seeing your request!

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