Can I revert back to previous Roon release?

Now compare it with the now playing screen of my old player. Picture from an even farther distance
Now wich one of the two is the best readable?

The lyrics box is still there in 1.6, and called up in the same way as far as I can recall?

Ah I now see what you mean. Did not know that was a slider :slight_smile:

I had put the -6.2 dB master level for this AutoEQ filter in the headroom management. Moved it to this PEQ filter now.

I can adjust it by .1 dB increments. This goes well on a macbook. Dunno about other platforms. I can imagine it is a problem om mobile apps.

Yep, you can adjust it, but do you know what the level is before you click on it? No. Can you click on it without unintentionally adjusting it? Maybe…if you are very very careful.

With touch, you never actually know what the level is because your finger covers up the tiny popup text, and you can in no way do this without unintentionally adjusting it anyways - the whole thing is too sensitive and not designed for touch.

Looks like I will have to start a thread about this problem…it’s getting lost in all the UI rage :wink:

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I like to revert to version 1.5, but I can’t find the appropriate software on your download page. Can you please provide me with links for roon remote Android, rock for nuc and roon for windows 64bit.


Hi @anon60681764,

Downgrading is not supported as it can cause issues.

What is your reason for wanting to downgrade? If you’re experiencing issues with 1.6 please let us know and we will be happy to help out!

I need to downgrade because of the new GUI, it just not work for me it is simply to bad design. So basically it is 1.5 or no roon.

Hi @anon60681764,

I’ve moved your post over to another topic where this was discussed. As Mike mentioned previously here, we are working on changes based on the feedback we’ve received.

We genuinely appreciate the feedback!

This is sadly unuseable tonight.
If you can’t fix this restore it back to 1.5 so we can use our Tidal subscriptions to search for music.