Can I rip CDs directly to a Roon Nucleus?

I have a Roon Nucleus with a 2TB SSD drive installed and formatted. Is it possible to rip CDs directly to the Nucleus? Or must I import them from another storage device? I tried ripping from a Buffalo universal disc drive, but the Nucleus doesn’t seem to recognize it.

You need to copy them from another device.

Well, it depends on what is used to rip the CDs. For example, I use dbPoweramp (running on my Windows desktop PC, which is where the DVD drive is) to rip my CDs. It is perfectly possible to set dbPoweramp to rip the CDs directly into the music storage on a Nucleus (or other Core server) over the network.

Having said that, it’s probably best practice to rip first to a temporary folder, and then copy across to the Nucleus as you suggest. The reason is that then Roon has a complete folder of tracks to idenitfy, rather than one that is being built up gradually during the ripping process. That’s the approach that I’ve always used.


Ah, I misinterpreted the OP, thinking he wanted to rip on the Nucleus. in fact it still isn’t clear that isn’t what he wanted to do. However you are right in your response of course.

Thanks, Tony and Geoff. I can do what you suggest with dbpoweramp. I also have a Melco server, which will store files directly from a usb cd ripper, so I wondered if the Roon Nucleus would do the same.

You can connect a USB CDROM to Nucleus and it will rip for you.