Can I roll back an upgraded system

I think the music is getting worse(Build 571)
Previous versions(Build 555)It suits me better.
Can anyone help me?

Roon is always backwards compatible to a database created by an earlier version of Roon. However, Roon is never forwards compatible to future databases that have been upgraded by later versions of Roon. This means going backwards is a bad idea and could lead to database corruption or unforeseen errors.

It may work between some versions, but not others. It is not advisable to go backwards without a full reinstall.

Stalling at a specific version is also not recommended as we obsolete software versions often as the metadata service APIs change. Additionally, older releases are not supported at all. You will always be asked to upgrade to the latest version before any support will even be considered.

No, it is not possible to return to a previous version.

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