Can I run a Roon endpoint on a Pi running Raspberry Pi OS?

hey yall,
I have a Pi doing some other things in the same rack as my AV receiver. Is it possible to use it an end point without having to run Roopiee?

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You can install the same package ropieee uses manually:

It’s the roon bridge you want, not the server.

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I have Roon running on my Raspberry PI using HiFiBerry OS. HiFiBerry is certified Roon Ready. I have a HiFiBerry DAC board intstalled. Don’t know if HiFiBerry OS will run on a Raspberry without that extension card. But you can try or extend your rasberry with a hifiberry dac or digi+

Ok, sorry. Overlooked that you probably don’t want to replace your OS. Then installing Roon Bridge is the better option…

I used to run Roon on a the RPi with the Allo Katana V1.2 (with Isolator). Worked very well. Then I switched to VM to have bit more power (searching, filtering…)

Hans BeekHuyzen review (He’s from The Netherlands but speaks English)


Awesome, that’s exactly what I was after. Thanks so much!

Funny enough I plan to run a HiFiBerry DigiPro 2 optical output HAT too. I love their hardware! I just have some other linux’y things running on this Pi and it’s going in my AV rack so I thought it’d be great to make a Roon endpoint while I’m at it.