Can I run/install software (background process) on Roon Nucleus

The Nucleus is a small PC, constantly on, and connected to my network. I would like it to take care of powering off my class A amp in order to keep electricity costs down.

For this I would need to:

  • write a small app/script that sends some home automation commands over the network. Nothing complex
  • install and run it on the Nucleus

Is there any, not too hacky way to do this?
Can i ssh to the Nucleus as root and run some app/script?

Can someone tell me what runtimes are available on a Nucleus?
Python, Nodejs, ???

The Nucleus is a locked down appliance that only runs Roon. Nothing else can be installed on it as there’s no access to the O/S.

You might want to browse and/or move this post to Tinkering or Home Automation. There are Roon extensions that can execute functions. The Nucleus was designed to integrate with Creston which manages devices around the house. That said, my knowledge stops there. The folks in Tinkering will have the sort of advice you are looking for.