Can I run Roon on a QNAP TS231P NAS

Can I run Roon on my QNAP NAS? it is a TS231P on “Intel® Celeron® 2.41GHz dual-core processor (burst up to 2.58GH”. I don’t know if this meets the criteria “64-bit x86 CPU” I think so… just checking Thanks

I don’t think you will be able to because the TS231P uses the Alpine AL-212 cpu which is an ARM processor. I think Roon will only run on x64 architecture.

Thanks you are right, I checked the 231P is ARM based indeed , I confused the spec with the 251P .
Oh well. better start saving up for a 251P then

TS-251 will work. It’s a Celery so a bit below recommended spec, but as long as you aren’t hoping to do DSP and other intensive stuff it should be OK. 2 caveats though:

  1. 1.8 is about to be released next week. It might stretch the lower power cpus even further. Nobody but Roon and the beta team know yet.

  2. Are you buying the NAS anyway and plan to use it for other things? If so, all good. If it’s largely for the sole use of Roon, a NUC and some storage would be better investment for the extra grunt the i3/i5 cheaper NUCs (of a comparable price to the TS-251) will give you.