Can i search for files by their resolution and/or bit rate[Answered]

I’d like to create a playlist with all 192/96 files I have, is there a way to cull them from my library?

Yes you can focus by sample rate and/or bit depth. In either file or album browser.

Press focus and it’s on the far right of the focus panel.

Hi Michael,

Have you explored the focus feature yet? You should be able to do what you are requesting. Go to Tracks ( or Albums if you would rather) choose focus. On the right side of the focus screen choose Format. Then select the attribute or attributes you want to focus on. In your case, click on 96 and 192.

Advanced Note. The green focus can be clicked on in the left half and turn it red which is an exclusion focus. So a green 192 focus only shows 192, a red 192 focus shows everything but 192.

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You can use Focus to do it.

click on Focus and then Format, tick the box than you want and you are done.