Can I Separate Tidal and Qobuz Content?

I currently have subscriptions to both Tidal and Qobuz. I was wondering if there was a way for me to be able view only my Tidal content on one page and then to be able switch over to just the music I have on Qobuz.

Thanks, Steve

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Hi @S_J_A,

Yes there are a couple ways using Roon’s focus …

  • focus --> Inspector --> Format --> …
  • focus --> Inspector --> Storage Locations --> …

Then bookmark each focus (one for TIDAL and one Qobuz) for ease of recall.


Do you mean favorites you selected (added to your Roon collection) or basic searches. I also think this would be a good idea…sounds like a feature request too…

Thank you Carl, I really appreciate your response!

The method you suggested certainly worked but in all honesty, I find it to be a very clumsy approach to a simple problem.

I was talking about separating my favorite Tidal albums from my favorite Qobuz albums.

Carl’s solution works.
But I would ask another question: why do you care?
I don’t keep the books on my shelves arranged by book stores.

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The problem is every user has at least one different simple problem, so Roon’s approach is to offer generic tools to solve most of them.

Did you try book marking them? Once that’s done the saved focus filters can be recalled quite quickly?

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I’ve already acknowledged that Carl’s method worked for me and thanked him for it.

Understood Carl, and thanks again.

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Once I buy a book, it can go anywhere on the shelve but I like to keep the books from the library separate because they are not mine.

@S_J_A For that reason, I don’t connect my Tidal account to Roon. I use Audirvana for that. Audirvana keeps everything nicely separated without the need of doing anything.
(and it works with all my endpoints as well)

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