Can I stop a song being added after my album is finished [Answered - Disable Roon Radio from Queue screen]

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When I play an album, after the last song is finished, another song that is related but that I didn’t choose starts playing. Can I stop this?

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Stop play after my choice has played out

Is there an option to choose to not have another set of songs to automatically play? Particularly annoying when I am recording an album on tape and don’t want part of an extra song on the tape. The next song just starts without much of a pause. I don’t remember this was the case in the earlier version of Roon.

Hi Larry. Believe what you are dealing with is Roon Radio. The default setting is for Roon Radio to play similar music from your library and or streaming services after an album or queued track(s) finishes playing. You have to turn Roon Radio off in the Queue screen as shown in the link I provided.

Thanks. I didn’t see your hyperlink. Much appreciated.

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