Can I stop seeing multiple different versions of albums in album view?

I might be being a bit dim here. In my collection I’ve got various albums that I have multiple versions of - usually a CD version and a high-res version, so they’re identical apart from the quality.

I’ve grouped alternate versions of these albums in Roon, and when I select the album I see those alternate versions as part of the same single album.

However if I’m scrolling through my “Albums” view I see each individual version, so I get lots of repeats in that view.

Is that expected behaviour? I can see why it might be, but I’d quite like to turn if off. Any way of doing that?


Do you have Settings > General > Show hidden tracks and albums set to yes? If so, switch it.

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Excellent that’s got it, thank you. Knew there should be an easy fix.

That option could be a worded a little better couldn’t it. “Hidden” doesn’t necessarily imply duplicates to me.


Yes, I remember being puzzled at first.