Can I store the M2 drive to keep ROCK while repurposing the NUC

I need to temporarily use my NUC for another purpose. It has an M2 drive with ROCK and a 1TB SSD with some music on it.

I would like to remove the M2 drive and store it (with ROCK installed). Then I would install Windows on the SSD.

I have the music backed up. Once I was finished with Windows I would simply reinsert the M2, boot into ROCK and format the SSD from the GUI.

Does this sound feasible?

Yes it is.

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Yes, sound feasible. Still, you will have to copy again your music to 1TB SSD. After that, you will need to restore your Roon database (so a backup is required in the begining).

If your M2 drive is large enough for your temporary Windows, another approach is to backup M2 drive with ROCK using ACRONIS (or similar software), and do not touch 1TB SSD. At the end, you can restore M2 drive with ROCK using image made with ACRONIS. This approach is much less time consuming.

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I should have mentioned that most of my library is on a usb drive and I will place the ssd music on it as well. If I install Windows to the ssd then when I return to the m2 with Rock I could remove the ssd and have it as a windows bootable drive if I again needed a windows machine.

Thanks for the help. I am going to proceed.

Yes, I have a rotating set of disks of different OS w/Roon that I interchange all the time.

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