Can I stream from Nucleus to my iPhone?

Is it possible to stream from Roon Nucleus to my iPhone? If so how?

Yes, when connected to your home network. The iPhone must have the Roon app installed. Then click on Settings > Audio on the iPhone and you’ll see “This Phone”. Now click Enable and then the gear to make the zone visible from other control devices.

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Martin - Thanks for the answer, but on my iPhone at Settings>Audio I don’t see “This Phone”. My iPhone is up to date: 14.4.1.

The options are in the Roon app. Click on the hamburger menu and then scroll to Settings and the, Audio.

Is your wireless network using the same subnet as your core? If not then it won’t be able to see your phone as an endpoint even though the phone can connect to it. Check the ipaddress of the phone has the same first 3 set of numbers to your core. If not then that’s your issue. Ensure your wireless and Lan are using the same subnet. If they are then it could be some multicast issues on your wireless network. Check your router for settings related to multicast or igmp and change their status to see if that helps.

Thanks, Simon. I have only one subnet for my LAN. I’ll take a look at the router settings, but mostly that’s going to beyond me.

Right. I have a number of entries, but no iPhone, Martin. Thanks for the help in any case!

Something like this … from the phone, no other control device, click on Settings > Audio