Can I stream from Sonos to Roon?

I’m aware I can use Roon to stream to my Sonos devices… but can I stream from Sonos into Roon somehow?

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No, this isn’t possible. Moreover, I’m not sure I understand why you would want to do this. If you haven’t already done so take a look at the following article: How Roon Works.

I would like to do this because Sonos allows me to control streaming from multiple sources (Soundcloud, Pandora, Apple Music, Deezer, just to name a few). I already have Sonos hardware, and want to get better quality out of my locally-stored music (which is why I’m looking to Roon). But I can’t give up the multi-room audio sync (which I don’t, with Roon), and the ability to stream from dozens of sources, instead of … two.

I don’t think Roon can do magic for you here. It will take a high quality source and deliver it to devices bit perfect, but Sonos devices only accept up to 48kHz/16bit audio. However, Roon can stream to multiple rooms and also group Sonos devices (you can’t mix Sonos with non-Sonos devices in the same zone.)

Regarding streaming sources, Roon currently supports Qobuz and TIDAL because these services allow deep integration with Roon; something you won’t see elsewhere.

I’m aware of Roon’s abilities, and unfortunately it’s lacking for me here. I was looking forward to utilizing Roon to stream locally-stored HQ audio to multiple rooms in sync. However, one of my requirements is that I can continue to use my existing streaming services. I get that Roon is attempting to be “HQ-only”, but (at least for me) it’s better to be able to listen to the music I want (even if not at the highest quality levels), than to not be able to listen at all.

You can stream to your Sonos devices and sync them. That’s not a problem, you can also play all your local music via Roon. Roon also stream Tidal and Qobuz and has access to internet radio.
Currently the internet radio option is being upgraded for a future release.

Roon can do this with Sonos, but it will downsample anything above 48kHz/16bit audio. This is a limitation of Sonos not Roon.

This is not the reason why Roon only has these services. Indeed Roon will always prefer music over format. Most streaming services do not/ will not offer the deep integration including access to their data for Roon to provide a full experience.

Some of the key benefits in using Roon are music discovery and exploration; this wouldn’t be possible without this deep integration. For instance, Roon can take you on a musical roots journey for almost any artist. Who links Mink Deville to Tom Petty or the Ronettes or Presley or Dylan?

Edit: Or Jane Horrocks? :slightly_smiling_face:

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