Can I switch between using one license at the same time at home and in the office?

I am using the 60-day license given by the purchase of DAC. I want to purchase the ROON lifetime version. I have a question: Can I switch between using one license at the same time at home and in the office? I have tried to log in at the office, and the authorization can be withdrawn, but how can I switch the authorization home when I go home, thank you

There is another question: Will what happen to the ROON core whose authorization has been withdrawn?

I do this. We have a weekend apartment, and a Roon core there as well as at home. If we’ve been at home and travel to the apartment, I simply connect to the Roon setup there, and it deauthorises the home core.
When we return home, I’ll reconnect to the core at home and it deauthorises the core at the apartment. It causes zero issues - the only thing is that the deauthorised core won’t run backups until it’s been authorised again.


Me too. I use it at home on weekends and in the office on weekdays. If this is the case, I only need to purchase one license. Thank you

Nothing happens to it. As you are not using it, literally nothing happens until you start using it again and it re-authorizes. You cannot use both at the same time on one licence but in your scenario that is unlikely.

If anyone is at home using Roon while you are at work then you may have issues.

Understand, I installed two core at home and tried it. If I try to log in to an unauthorized core, it will prompt to revoke the authorization of the other core, thank you


Does this also work, when the core, that get’s „deauthorised“, is not switched on and online?

I believe it does, because the “switch” resides in Roon Labs - not in the devices…

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That‘s a good point! Thank you!