Can I switch my output from Airplay to Chromecast?

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I don’t know if there’s any topic about this, I didn’t really know what to search for…
I am using Roon to stream music from Tidal and my Plex server to my Primare i15 integrated amplifier. The amplifier can stream music via Bluetooth, Airplay and Chromecast. It works great!

But I have one problem: the signal path isn’t always optimal, because Roon automatically connects via Airplay, instead of the Chromecast (which converts to 24 bit instead of Airplay’s 16 bit). I’ve been playing with the settings for a bit, but I couldn’t find an option to set my connection preference to Chromecast.

Is there a way to switch the output for this specific zone from Airplay to Chromecast?

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*Sorry, the path is in Dutch in the picture

Look in roon, settings, audio. If roon sees Chromecast it should be listed in your device alongside airplay. Enable it and select it from the zone picker

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Thanks for your quick response!
Funny thing, I tried switching my language settings from Dutch to English to make a screenshot, and suddenly Roon found the Chromecast. Switching back to Dutch only made it find the Airplay of my amp… Strange for sure, but no problem for me, guess I’ll just use the English version instead!

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One for @support to be aware of!!

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Hello @David95, and welcome to the community! I’m glad you found a solution here, but I’m going to send this over to our QA team for further review.

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