Can I turn off MQA core decoder in Roon for all endpoints?

Is there a way to globally turn off MQA decoding in Roon or do I have to do it by endpoint?

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Thanks for relocating my post @danny . Any chance you can respond too?

Going to the Edit screen for Tidal in Settings->Services, then changing streaming quality from ‘Master’ to ‘HiFi’ should do the trick. Just tried, no decoding, not even acknowledgement that it’s an MQA file (playing from their Masters page)

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Hi @Ben_Hagens, that’s not quite the same thing, what that flag does is to instruct Tidal to avoid the selection of MQA tracks.

What @Craig_Joyce is asking about is switching off Roon’s Core MQA, which I can confirm can only be done on a per zone basis.


I’m confused. In this scenario

doesn’t that turn off Roon’s Core MQA for everything, if you select No MQA Support??

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No, just that device. And, it doesn’t turn off Roon core decoding. That’s under Advanced Settings for that device.

okay, see that and set it to the “off” position. Thanks!

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No, that turns it on! it’s telling us that your device doesn’t support MQA, so we should do the Core Decode.

If you want to turn it off, it’s in the advanced settings like @Jim_F said.

And no, there is no way to do it globally. Devices are not added/removed too often, so we decided to make these types of options on a device by device basis and skip the global override.

Hey @Neil_Russell

It is not entirely obvious from the interface, but the little Device Setup window can be scrolled upward a bit, revealing the Advanced Settings switch.

There, you can disable the MQA core decoder:

I already did the advanced setting turn-off that Jim_F mentioned. I have to make sure I don’t waste your money!

I’ve been in advanced setting many times, but to my way of thinking, if I select “No MQA Support” from the drop down I screenshotted, it would completely shut down MQA, with no further action required….obviously NOT the case, which is why I posted that o was confused. Then again, I’m 70, and more and more confused every year. Sometimes even Dazed and Confused !


Toggling to HiFi i the Tidal settings be it on the Tidal app or via Roon does not prevent MQA file streaming . At least not in Germany with my type of subscription.

I think you are confusing device MQA settings with Roon core MQA settings. When you set up an MQA capable device, you need to tell Roon if you want to use the device decoding and/or rendering. However, you also need to tell Roon if you want to use Roon core MQA decoding. They are two different things and need to be setup for each device.

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Unfortunately, Roon isn’t very clear on that, at least to me. You and Danny have taught me more in this thread than three years of use. And I thank you both!!


You seem to have misinterpreted the title of the drop-down. It talks about your DAC’s MQA capabilities, not what Roon should be doing.

There is another hint, but it requires some knowledge about MQA. By opening the drop down, you can see that there is an option for “renderer only”. By MQA’s rules, “MQA renderers” are hardware only. There are no software “MQA renderers”

I gathered that from what you and Jim_F have previously stated, but that is not made at all clear within Roon. I just wish that Roon had an easily accessible, easy to understand manual. What is available is very hard to find. IMHO, there should be a “Manual” button right at the very top on “Roon". Remember, what may be obvious to you may not be obvious to someone else. And again, thanks for the lessons. I’m learning!

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