Can I use putty to connect to ROCK from remote?

Can I use putty connect ROCK from remote?

No, you can’t. There is no user-accesible ssh server running on ROCK.

What are you trying to accomplish?

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Because everyone can login ROCK .If some people in my intranet.So I want to setup user ID and password from putty.

You can’t do that on rock or the roon client itself. You would have to restrict access to the network I think.

ROCK has an open network share that can not be configured any other way. If you want to change this, please go with a more flexible solution like Ubuntu.

ROCK is not meant to be flexible. It is a highly opinionated operating system producing the best experience for running Roon. If our opinions are not what you agree on, Ubuntu is a great option with far fewer opinions on how your system should run.

On the Roon side, Roon has no restrictions for access from the local network.

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