Can I use Roon API to Add an Item returned from a Search to a Playlist?

I believe the answer is “no”, but I hope to be wrong.

Whether a Roon rep or developer in the know … once I use node-roon-api-browse (or other?) to find a song from my local library (I don’t stream) that matches an Artist and Song Title, is there a follow-up method I can call to add that item to an existing Playlist? (just to be pedantic, I’m not looking to create Playlists thru the Roon API. Only to add Songs that I have in my local library to a Playlist that already exists in my Roon instance.)

I haven’t dug in to all APIs too thoroughly. But I have perused most of them. I don’t believe I found a method to accomplish the above. Would be happy to learn otherwise tho. Much thanx to all replies in the know.

You are right. The only action that can be done via the Roon API on a playlist is to play it, there is no playlist manipulation functionality.

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