Can I use Roon to manage my digital music library and edit metadata?

Currently the tools I use for my digital music library are dBpoweramp, Apple Music (iTunes), Sonos and Roon.

dBpoweramp is my tool for ripping and a lot of metadata and artwork are added at that time. Apple Music (iTunes) is basically my library manager. I use it to organize my library so other apps like Roon and Sonos can find the files and to update or change metadata. Roon is my primary playback tool and occasionally I use the Sonos app.

What I am wondering is can I use Roon for more than a playback app? Can Roon create and organize a library? Can Roon be used to update metadata and artwork?

I am a Mac OS user. What do others who use Mac OS utilize to manage and update their libraries other than Apple Music (iTunes)?

No. Roon never modifies your track files. I’m using this software for that:

Of course, I use dBpoweramp as well.

Yate IIRC is one Mac and mp3tag but if you want something more bulk use SongKong might be worth a look too.

Any idea why the audioranger installer (!) wants admin privileges?

I like metadatics, available in the App Store.