Can I use the new Hide function to suppress single file FLAC/CUE?

I have quite a few albums ripped to a single FLAC file w/ cue. Roon doesn’t break these files up into separate tracks. I don’t want to delete them b/c that deletes the actual file, and I also have them imported into JRiver (which handles them just fine). If Roon can’t read these files, can I hide or suppress them somehow? I know I could split them with any number of programs, or move them all into a new folder that isn’t imported into Roon, but at this point I’d rather just leave them as they are and hide them.

Thanks! I’m enjoying the product and appreciate all the support you provide.

Yes! Just right-click (or click and hold) the album or track you want to hide.

Once it’s selected, you can find Hide under the Edit menu.

That’s great – I figured the chances were pretty high I was missing something.

You may have worked this out already but you can focus on albums containing single tracks from the album view:

Focus --> Inspector --> Track Count - 1 :1

you may want to add a focus on quality to avoid hiding single tracks you want to keep.

Ctrl-a to select all, then Hide from the edit menu.

I have assumed Roon identifies the tracks you want to hide as single albums…

Hope this helps

Good tip – I will try that. Thank you!

@danny Any chance Roon will support those files in the future and display them properly split-up in the library?


We’re watching feedback on this closely.

I won’t speak for Danny but if you’d asked us before launch, I think we probably would’ve said no – these files seemed to be a kind of a relic, kept around only as a workaround for software unable to achieve gapless playback. We had a similar implementation in our original Sooloos 1.0 product.

Since Roon is sample accurate when it comes to gapless playback, our advice has been (and for now, continues to be) that people convert these files to more standard formats. That said, this request has come up more than we expected since launch, so nothing is off the table, and who are we to decide anyway :wink:

Thanks for the question @music!

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I still have a few hundred albums with cue-files (mainly vinyl rips) and albums with sub track indexes are also better captured with cue-files. So Cue-file image support is appreciated.


I would also love to have this feature as I have over 1000 CDs with cue. Glad to hear that it’s a possibility. Thanks.

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